The T-shirt had humble beginnings. It started as the standard-issue undershirt of US soldiers, buried beneath the military overshirt. Then, after WWI veterans returned from abroad, the tee moved outward, being worn not as undershirt, but as a garment independent of an outer layer. By the ’50s, the white tee had become mainstream and iconic: think James Winkler or Marlon Brando.

Teesguide is the go-to destination for cool and unique T-shirts and other apparel. Featuring the awesome custom designs and high-quality fabrics, custom shirts are available in a wide range of styles to fit your needs. Custom orders are available.



The T-Shirt is the ur-wardrobe staple. No matter a person’s style, location or profession, the t-shirt has a place in their closet. It’s a blank canvas for the wearer, and while there are infinite iterations of the t-shirt available, the information about what sets quality shirts apart from the rest is limited. You deserve a shirt that will stand up to years of washing and wearing, not a shirt that falls apart after a season. Comfort is key; pre-washing and shrinking ensure it.

We believe your clothes should complement your natural good looks. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift, a shirt that will get everybody talking, or something combining style with ultimate comfort, Teesguide shirts and apparel have it all.

Explore our styles to meet the demands of all types of T-Shirt, and find a tee with the fabrics, sizes and comfort that you need.

What makes the best quality T-Shirt?

Let the Fabric Speak for Itself

Fabric is of course the foundation of the garment. It needs to be of the highest-quality cotton and yarn. So many steps go into spinning the yarn, knitting the fabric, and the finishing stages.

Construction on Display

The construction is a vital aspect of quality. Choosing the proper machinery is the first start, then effectively applying the right tension and technique is next. The sewer has the biggest effect on the outcome. It’s easy to pump out T-shirts of low quality. When you have skilled labor, it becomes craftsmanship.

There are two parts to construction you need to consider: construction in fit and construction in durability. Fit matters in how you build the garment. There are many construction options — a tubular knit, a tape seam, single, double or triple needle stitching — that all ultimately determine how the tee fits and how the tee drapes. You have to look at each building block of the tee — evaluating your shoulder, side paneling, collar — to make sure you’re nailing fit.

Then there is the question of, “Will this thing last?” That durability is all due to components of thoughtful design and investment in how the garment is manufactured. No one really wants to invest in quality sewing because the more time you spend on the garment, the more expensive it gets. At Teesguide, that durability is key. We prioritize quality first; everything else has to follow.

Printing Technique There are 5 most popular printing methods.

  • Screen Printing: It is the most common with the pros. The screen-printing method is ideal for printing high-quality t-shirt designs, because it guarantees ultimate replication of the design. Most companies that use the screen-printing methods for mass production of T-shirt designs for your business. If you want a single or unique design for yourself, it may be impossible.
  • Direct to Garments (DTG): The Direct to Garment method is excellent for printing out super-complex design. It gives a soft feel on the hands when you touch the final design. The DTG method is excellent for printing out super-complex design. It gives a soft feel on the hands when you touch the final design. The ink used doesn’t create thick extra layers on the shirt, because it is thin.
  • Dye Sublimation: Dye sublimation works well on light shirts or fabrics. It cost to produce a dye sub but, in the end, the customer ends up with a professional done shirt by experts. Dye sublimation is perfect for printing polyester like cream fabrics. They are unforgiving when you bring cotton fabric to the scene.
  • Heat Press Printing: It is economical to use the heat press printing if you have small orders of shirt. However, it won’t work well with dark fabrics because of its translucent dye.
  • Vinyl Cutting: With this method, you can print one-off designs and even produce them in large numbers. It is the best alternative for printing multiple garment types. However, it suffers from one thing: They are letter-types parts that you can’t use with it. T-shirt printed through vinyl cutting are durable.

Teesguide apparel is printed with the Screen or DTG method, which is the latest in technology and techniques.

Consider the Complete Equation

Design, superior fabric, proper fit, solid construction. The details go as far as thread size, stitch per inch, and even what brand of needle is in the sewing machine.

With any product, you have to be absolutely obsessed with the details, the fabric, the finishing, and all the elemental parts coupled with a point of view on the actual silhouette. And, importantly, you need the highest-quality materials (such as fabric, yarn) to produce a quality garment.

Which T-Shirt style is best for you?

Our James shirts are available in a multitude of styles – from long sleeve and hoodies to short-sleeve styles. We have a surprising array of colors and high-quality graphics that express originality (if not tact). And with sizes that range from the smallest sizes up to 5XL, you’re sure to find the size you need here. So, check out our awesome selection of James T-shirts and take your pick. They are great for holiday gifts, birthday gifts – or even as a white elephant gift.

  • Classic Guys/ Unisex Tee: This premium T-shirt is as close to perfect as can be. It’s optimized for all types of print and will quickly become your favorite T-shirt. Soft, comfortable and durable, this is a definite must-own and a Teesguide’s recommended product.
  • Classic Ladies Tee: Modeled after a cool shrunken vintage tee, this comfortable cotton crew neck is slim, classic and perfectly priced. Just the top your skinny jeans are looking for. One to stock up on/wear every single day. A timeless design and one of Teesguide’s most recommended items. Custom prints available.
  • Guys V-Neck: Our Guys V-Neck is a well-loved favorite that features a classic V-neck, short sleeves, and superior combed and ring-spun cotton that acts as the best blank canvas for printing. This soft cotton V-neck is versatile at its finest.
  • Ladies V-Neck: Once wearing, you’ll be convinced that our favorite tees are more than just ordinary. These are shirts you’ll enjoy wearing across seasons, in all kinds of casual settings, because of their comfort, softness, fit, rich color, and lasting quality. Custom prints available.
  • Premium – Fitted Guys Tee: An everyday tee that’s soft, fitted, and made to last. Something you can wear with ease and confidence. A combination between timeless and modern designs. The 100% combed and ringspun cotton acts as the best blank canvas for printing. This is as perfect as it gets. Figure-flattering.
  • Premium – Fitted Ladies Tee: This high-quality tee features a slim feminine fit, crew neck, short sleeves and superior combed and ring-spun cotton that acts as the best blank canvas for printing. Figure-flattering.
  • Youth Tee: This youth tee fits like a well-loved favorite, featuring a crew neck, short sleeves and superior pre-shrunk cotton that acts as a blank canvas for printing. Offered in an wide assortment of colors.
  • Junior Cut Tee: This high-quality tee features a slim feminine fit, crew neck, short sleeves and superior combed and ring-spun cotton that acts as the best blank canvas for printing.
  • Longsleeve Tee Unisex: This classic unisex tee fits like a well-loved favorite, featuring a laid-back style, classic crew neck, long sleeves and superior pre-shrunk cotton that acts as a blank canvas for printing.
  • Hoodie: With a wide range of colors available and a budget‑friendly price point, this hoodie can’t be beaten! A great comfortable year-round layer for the cooler days or breezy nights. Custom prints available.
  • Premium – Pullover Hoodie: With a wide range of colors available and premium quality, this hoodie can’t be beaten! A great hoodie for the cooler months. Custom prints available.
  • Sweatshirt Unisex: If you’re looking for a top-quality, instant-favorite sweatshirt, you’ve come to the right place! Our Premium Hoodie from Teesguide collection is everything you could ask for: it’s easy and classic, warm and cozy, heavyweight and roomy, and built to last.
  • Tank Top: A great basic tank top and a favorite with our customers. This tank has the perfect casual-chic vibe to make it look one-of-a-kind. Look and keep cool in this tank during your next warm weather event. Custom prints available.
  • Bella Flowy Tank: Go with the flow in this go-to tank, made from our exceptionally soft poly-viscose blend, in a flattering draped flowy silhouette, round neck and racer-back. Versatile enough for a workout or for a night on the town. Offered in a variety of colors and custom designs.
  • Baby Onsie: Cute, stylish, comfortable, eco-friendly and popular ‑ who wouldn’t love this infant one‑piece? Custom design available.